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Games, Projects, and Self-Directed Learning

Session 1
Matthew Farber — Valleyview Middle School, Rutgers University, Edutopia

Students remaking games to be about content is an engaging way to learn. It provides students a sense of agency, while affording an opportunity for deeper learning experiences. In this interactive conversation, the presenter shares how his students spent one day per week on 20% Time projects, which were self-directed, and based on civic-themed games. Students self-published Kindle books, made green screen movies, created Minecraft maps, produced skits, and even put work on Kickstarter!

Conversational Practice

This conversation will engage participants in designing and playtesting games, particularly social deduction and tabletop games. In his class, students remade the card games One Night Ultimate Werewolf to learn about the Salem Witch Trials, and Fluxx, which teaches systems thinking skills.

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